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Executive Team



Eng. Mojtaba Mazrui

(Chairman of the conference)



Dr. Alialbar Mu'ayedi

(Conference successor)


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Dr. Alireza Foroughi

(Conference Secretary)


دكتر طرهاني

Dr. Abbas Tarhani

(Policy chief)



Dr. Alireza Namaghi

(Responsible for referees)











 * Department of Saaj Network  *



* Agricultural Research Center of Khorasan Razavi *


* Tarbiat Modarres University Environmental Research Institute - Tehran *



* ASYS Academy of Spain *



* Technical Engineering Group Soraya*




Textroad Journals


To inform those of the authors and respected researchers confirmed that their papers had been finalized by the Secretariat, the Secretariat suggests that the agreement with the Editor of


"Textroad Journals"


Top articles in this magazine will be published.













Our dearly revered anchor presentor,


Sayed Javad Hashemi,


the distinguished Iranian, actor and television presentor will be hosting the entire opening program.



18/02/2017 More ...

1. The Workshop on the New Methods of Irrigation and Water Conservation
The Lecturer: Dr. Jelini


2. The Workshop on Artificial Insemination.
The Lecturer: Dr. foroughi


3. The specialized Surgical Training Workshop for Large and small livestock.
The Lecturer: coming soon


4. The workshop on Pregnancy Prognosis of heavy and light livestock.
The Lecturer: coming soon


5. The workshop on Evaluation of type and Hoof clipping.
The Lecturer: coming soon


6. The Introductory Workshop of Drone Piloting and its application in Agriculture and livestock Management.
The Lecturer: Mr. Alinia & Mr. Ramazanpour


7. The Introductory Workshop of GIS Application in Environment and the Natural Resources.
The Lecturer: Mr. Alinia & Mr. Ramazanpour


8. Beekeeping Workshop
Lecturer: Mr. Nejad Muhammad


9. Mushroom cultivation Workshop
Lecturer: Mr. Babapour


10.Workshop on Precision Agriculture
Lecturer: coming soon


11.Workshop on Organic Farming and Output increase of nontoxic crops.
Lecturer: Mrs.Eskandari


12.Workshop on Medicinal Herbal Processing.
Lecturer: Mr. Emami


13. Workshop on brief look at the Principles of International Marketing, Business Management and Export.
Lecturer: Ali Falsafi (MIEx, Grad. London) United Kingdom (The workshop will be presented in persian & English)


14. Workshop on Establishment of Low-cost Jobs in rural areas.
Lecturer: Dr. Tarhani


15. Workshop on Output and Quality Improvement 0f the Dairy Products.
Lecturer:Mr. Muhammadi


16. Workshop on a brief look at the principles of International Business Correspondence.
Lecturer: Ali Falsafi (MIEx,Grad, London), United Kingdom (The workshop will be presented in persian & English)


17. Workshop on a brief look at the INCOTERMS.
Lecturer: Ali Falsafi (MIEx,Grad, London) United Kingdom (The workshop will be presented in persian & English)


18. Workshop on having a brief look at the Importance of the awareness of International Business Cultural diversity.
Lecturer: Ali Falsafi (MIEx. Grad, London) United Kigdom (The workshop will be presented in persian & English)


19. Workshop on Creative Development of Marketing Agricultural Products.
Lecturer: Dr, Moaseri (The workshop will be presented in persian & English)


20. Workshop on The Management of Work-Creation, leading to success in Agricultural Industry.
Lecturer: Mr. Ebrahim Alinia (CEO), The SAAJ Co





15/02/2017 More ...


The Exhibition Organizers:


The organization of Agricultural Crusade of Korasan Razavi.


Astan Quds Razavi Livestock Holding



The Center for Academic, Research and Natural resources of Korasan Razavi.



Bazare-daam Farm Animal Marketing Company.





14/02/2017 More ...



  • The Nation-wide Award Winning Farmers, Breeders, Traders, and producers.
  • The Provincial Governors of Khorasan Razavi
  • The Office of Protection of Woods, Grassland, Grazing Land and the Water Resources.
  • The representatives of Agricultural Commission of the 10th Islamic Assembly.
  • The Ministry of Agricultural Crusade of khorasan Razavi.
  • The Center for Academic, Research and Natural resources of Korasan Razavi.
  • The Ministry of Environmental Protection in Khorasan Razavi
  • The Ministry of Protection of Woods, Grassland, Grazing Land and the Water Resources.
  • The Ministry of Cultural Inheritance, Handicrafts and Tourism.
  • The Office of Protection of Woods, Grassland, Grazing Land and the Water Resources of Khorasan Razavi.
  • The Central Office of the Nomads in Khorasan Razavi.
  • Tehran University
  • Shahid Beheshti University
  • Payam Noor University
  • Islamic Azad University
  • University of Applied Science
  • The Ghaenat Bozorgmehr University
  • Turbat Heydarieh University
  • Mashhad Municipality
  • Mashhad Islamic Assembly research Center
  • The Site of CIVILICA (The Knowledge Reference Center)
  • The Site of Symposia (The Conference Center)
  • The Site of All- Conference (The Center for Information of the scientific Events in Iran).
  • The Site of Ba-Hamayesh (The information Center for seminars and conferences)
  • The Conference Site of Alert (The information Center for Scientific Events of Iran).
  • Press 98 ( Political, Social, Cultural, , Scientific and Sport press center)
  • Cina press ( Scientific and Cultural Press)
  • The Rural scientific, Research, planning and development Center.

14/02/2017 More ...



The Conference Axes





  • Sustainable Agricultural Development
  • The Contribution of Farm Animals to the Economic Development
  • The Contribution of the natural resources and the Environment as the base of Development
  • The Economic Contribution of Herbal Medicine
  • The Role of Rural Tourism in sustainable Economy

14/02/2017 More ...


Dr. Eskandar zand

Dr. Aliakbar Mu'ayedi

Dr. Alireza Foroughi

Dr. Parviz Kardavani

Dr. Kamal Naseri

Dr. Naser Shahnoushi

Dr. Ali Falsafi

Dr. Abbas Tarhani

Dr. Alireza Namaghi

Dr. Eskandar zand

Dr. Mohamad Hajian Shahri

Dr. Ali Hosein Jasem

Dr. Zare Feiz Abadi

Eng. Seyed Abbas Tabatabaei

Dr. Mohamad Ali Ahmadian

 Dr. Arash Dor Andish

Dr. AliAkbar Anabestani

Dr. Mohamad Bazobandi

Dr. Hosein Hataminezhad

Dr. Katayoun Alizadeh

Dr. Hamid Jafari

Dr. Mohamadtaqi Lesani

Dr. Gholamreza Ghanbari

Dr. Mehroz Norali

Dr. Hamid Ahani

Dr. Mehrdad Mohamadiani






14/02/2017 More ...

Wellcome to Confrance

First International Conference of Agricultural Sciences, livestock, natural resources, environment, rural tourism and medicinal plants Muslim countries (at the same time Mashhad event 2017) will be held on Mar 2017.

The conference in the areas of:

1. Agriculture
2. Science livestock and poultry
3. Natural Resources
4. Environmental
5. Tourism
6. Geography
7. Water
8. Veterinary Medicine
9. And ....


Reza Nowroozi
conference Secretary

15/01/2017 More ...

    اداره کل جهاد کشاورزی خراسان رضوی مركز تحقيقات و آموزش كشاورزي و منابع طبيعي خراسان رضوي
    Today Tuesday 17 October 2017
    Countdown to Conference
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